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For over 30 years Our team of specialist planners and stylists work with our clients to create spectacular, one of a kind events including weddings, corporate events, city events, private parties and so much more. We treat every event uniquely working closely with each client to ensure we deliver a memorable experience for you and your guests, and on top of that we have plenty full service venues to offer!

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Anie Reyna Loveitts

Our corporate party event was a blast! We would like to personally thank ALX Events team for delivered memories that we still remember every day in the office!

Emilia Clarkson British Gas

We have hosted multiple events with ALX Events in Coventry and Stratford upon Avon for our teams - it even became a tradition! xx

Agnes Verida Coventry City Council

A go to event organiser in Coventry, that does not only bring Coventry residents together, but people from surrounding areas to see the beauty of Coventry Cathedral, especially during pandemic

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    Special menus

    At any event, whether it would be public or private, requires a special custom menu to accommodate everyone’s desires! Therefore our head chefs and bar alchemists work closely with event planners to make sure no one is left out!

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